About Us

About Morocco Nomad Adventure

This outstanding and exciting company will take you on a journey you’ll never forget. Founded in 2017, by a passionate 29-year-old Berber descendent, Nouredinne Ait Haddou will guide you on an adventure to immerse yourself in the “spirit” of Morocco. Before starting his company, Ait Haddou worked for other agencies to gain experience and become certified as a tour guide in 2015. His passion for knowledge and education in tourism, management, and communication hold the key for the Moroccan Nomad Adventures to provide excellent service for all of his clients

Our Mission

Morocco Nomad adventure specializes in tours, trekking and day-trips. We work with local guides to show you the “real” Morocco with its beautiful nature and variety of cultural highlights. Guides we work with are fluently in English, Arabic and French. We are proud to teach our guests about Moroccan history, geologies, and architecture. You will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities such as camel ride, trekking, hiking, star-watching, bird-watching, visiting locals and Nomad families and off course excursion to our famous cultural sites. The goal is to make sure you feel one with nature and our culture. We will lead you through a “magical world” where stress is forgotten, and experience an adventure of a lifetime.